Vicki Beker - Creator of O'Lea Dawn 

I was like every other women with a multitude of products that I changed regularly not ever knowing if I should spend a fortune or look for the cheaper alternatives.  I just wanted consistency and a financially sustainable approach to my skin care. 

In frustration and curiosity, I starting creating O-Lea Dawn in my own home, doing research and experimenting with natural products. It was then after using the one product on body and face, that I started to notice consistent feedback from friends and total strangers on not only the beautiful smell but the quality of my skin.

After years of O-Lea Dawn being gifted to friends and family, it is a thrill to to have this available to the market.   Male, female, young and old have fallen in love with O-Lea-Dawn.  People have shown more plump and healthy skin, reduction in eczema or skin rashes, reduction in pimples and an overall improvement in the health of their skin.

For men, a must.  Especially those trades men that suffer with cracked hands and don't look after their skin.  

Natural means natural, and our fragrance free just combines the qualities of olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax.  

Emma Blackwood

Emma has worked within the beauty sector for over 20 years, encompassing roles from practitioner through to training, advisory roles for new clinics and marketing. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about cosmetic trends, Emma comes to us with a solid experience in cosmetology and is passionate about natural ingredients that get great results.

‘Over the years I have worked with many different brands of skincare.  With my industry knowledge on what these ingredients actually do, I am pleased to be in a position to influence product development. 

Consumers are more skin savvy than ever and really, all they want, is simple yet effective face and body products. Skin sensitivities, allergies and conditions like eczema are leading formulators to go all-natural and free of irritants, that’s where O’Lea Dawn Essential Skincare comes in’.

It’s an exciting place to be, as we grow the range, we hope our loyal customers will enjoy the ride too! :)